Saturday, March 16, 2013

GED Room Renovation

Heartside has offered the General Educational Development Program since 1994, affording those who have not graduated from high school the opportunity to achieve the equivalency degree, which opens doors to employment.
After receiving a grant from the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, and with help from many volunteers, 
Heartside Ministry was able to renovate an old storage room into becoming an education friendly classroom.

There are five parts to the GED test, and when a Heartside students passes one of the pretests, Heartside issues the $25.00 test fee to take the test at a testing center. When all five tests are officially passed, the student receives his/her high school equivalency degree.

As they work their way up through the tests, we mark their progress on the photo triangle which culminates with graduation. 

Cheers to our head GED volunteer, Jamie, to those tutors who assist her
every week, and for the students looking to better their lives.  

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