Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Heartside Gallery Book Project: An Irregular Heartbeat

8/21/13 Update:  Book release party will be held on September 13 at the Gallery, 48 S Division. Artists, books, food, and Mayor Heartwell will be there 6-9pm.

5/16/13 Update:  This project has been funded! Thanks to all of our supporters!

Guest Posting by Art Coordinator, Sarah Scott:

Heartside Gallery and Studio is celebrating our 20th anniversary this year!  What better way to kick out the jams and celebrate than by making a book?!  It's about time, eh?  So here it is--
An Irregular Heartbeat:  The Artists and History of Heartside Gallery and Studio

Artist Annette Gray
Artist Annette Gray
We began in 1993 as a small offshoot of Heartside Ministry.  Our ever-expanding program continues to offer the Heartside Community and its neighbors a supportive and safe environment in which to create, exhibit and sell artwork.  Artists in the studio come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, including homelessness and varying degrees of mental and physical health issues.  Many are people from the neighborhood who simply wish to share their talents and expertise with their neighbors. 
So, after all of these years and all of this hard work, it's finally time for a BOOK!  We wanted a way to share our 20-year history, as well as a way to pay homage to the wonderful artists in this studio who deserve to be highlighted and featured, but might not normally have this occasion to receive the ovation they deserve.  

We have worked with a professional photographer to capture each artist's character on film.  A professional graphic designer is laying out images of artists and their artwork to make this book a true work of art.  Over 30 artists from the studio have also included autobiographies, stories, poems and jokes to be included in the book.  The book will be professionally printed and bound in the USA, 100 color pages, hard-cover, 10 x 8".  It's the real deal we've been waiting for!

Local community members have helped to recount our history and how/why we began, including George Heartwell, the Mayor of the City of Grand Rapids.  Artists have told stories as to how the studio has impacted their lives, and why we are an important fixture in our community.  

We have the layout of the book in place, as well as the cost estimates for printing the book, and this is why we are asking for your support.  By pre-ordering a copy of the book, you are helping to ensure this book be published.   Our official goal is $6,000, which will allow us to print a minimum first-run of this book, purchase the ISBN number, and ship the books.  Any proceeds from this book will go back to the studio to buy much-needed supplies for the over 50 neighbors a month who come to our space to creatively express themselves.  And of course over-funding the project will just allow us to print more copies!!
Help us celebrate 20 years of amazing, heart-felt, bringing-down-the-house art and experiences: Pre-order your copy of An Irregular Heartbeat:  The Artists and History of Heartside Gallery and Studio. The book will return from the printers in August 2013, and can be mailed anywhere, or picked up at our book launch (launch date TBA).

 Watch the video and find other information here.

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