Sunday, June 9, 2013

Heartside Artists at The Market, presented by Avenue of the Arts - 6/8/13

Along Division Avenue, from Fulton to Cherry, artists were outside with their wares displayed, and some with their retail spaces open.  Heartside Studio artists stretched from the art gallery to the Verne Barry parking garage.
I'm not sure if holding The Market the same weekend at Festival of the Arts downtown helped or hurt, however. There were chalk signs pointing our way, and the nearby UICA was the host for the Festival Regional Arts Exhibition, but I don't know how many people would peel off Festival to head for Division Avenue.
But our artists were out in full with their wonderful and creative works of art!
I love to see families on Division AVenue, not afraid to stop by
and talk to the artists. Here's a young one appreciating or trying
to understand some art.
If you missed it, you have another chance on July 13, when the event will take place again.
Mark your calendars to visit this market/work zone!

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