Sunday, August 25, 2013

Art this week at Heartside - 8/25/13

There was a budding new artist representing this week, 7 month old Baby Jay, grandson of artist Katalina.
Subsequent cleanup ~
and one finished work.
 All around talented poet and musician, Anthony, painted his first picture,
the art gallery refrigerator got a makeover,
 a neighbor does some self-promotion,
 and Jeffrey rocks it out with some great new art,
 A few artists made arrangements to be present at a local concert,
 and some staff members and artist, Fuzzy Jane,
celebrated her contest winning t-shirt design today - Be Strong!
According to Jane, we are the bad alley cats of Heartside :-)
 Cheers to creativity and strong women!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Creativity Knows No Bounds at Heartside - 8/19/13

Metal work spiders by Tony -
A new shelf by Mike to hold pottery by Bertha -
Katalina finishes a baby blanket order -
 Johnnie with her creative purses -
Mike with his awesome new walking stick, made for a friend -
and Wendy carrying her pencils!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

At Heartside Today - 8/7/13

Magic Man finds an abandoned bike & now just needs a bike lock.
 Beautiful two month old Yamani stops in for a visit,
 as does all-time favorite, Raya, who immediately goes to work.
 Snoop and Alison pose for a street shot,
 and Tony displays his newest creations.
Deb & Jimmy wanted a photo retake,
and Sarah appreciates the awesome work by Bertha for the yarn bomb project.
 Mark September 13 on your calendar (6-9pm) for the book release
(An Irregular Heartbeat) and 20th
anniversary party when the trees will be fully yarn-bombed
and hung with ceramic hands!

Monday, August 5, 2013

T-shirt Design Contest This Week ~ 8/5/13

Anyone was invited to draw a design for the next Heartside t-shirt printing and last Friday was the deadline for submission. Today the sketches were hung up and there will be one week of voting for your two favorites.
 Jane and Sarah review the drawings.
And here they are individually. Find your two favorites
and get down to the Studio to cast your votes! If one of yours wins,
you may purchase the t-shirt at the book-signing party on September 6!