Monday, October 27, 2014

My Therapy Buddies

Tagging along on a business trip to Toronto with my husband, Roy, I had the pleasure of being treated to dinner at the CN tower by Randy & Marlon Paisley (Randy not pictured).
After a delightful dinner with an awesome ever-changing view, we took a short driving tour of Toronto and the conversation led to homelessness and where I worked. Next thing I knew Roy was sent home the next day with a box full of therapy buddies. The buddies were a resounding hit!
After posting the pics on facebook, I was continually hit up for a request for a therapy buddy. And after thanking Randy for his generous donation, he asked if we could use more. Yes, whatever you are willing to send, we can use because it was a buddy frenzy:-) And today two cases arrived. I got some to the people who specifically asked for one and the rest were gone in an hour.
And one more photo was sent to me today by a mother who took one home for her daughter. "She brought him to school and shared him with the class."
Sqeeze the tummy and hear the buddy talk: "Hear my voice. Everything is going to be all right." Richard Kopelle is the inventor, and Randy Paisley is the generous donor. Cheers to giving a happy moment to so many people!

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