Friday, July 26, 2013

Bella Vista Youth Group Visit Today - 7/26/13

We started out with a Heartside neighborhood tour, hosted by Tony, who grew up in this neighborhood, still lives here, and is a versatile and talented artist in the Heartside Art Gallery and Studio. We met a few friends along the way.
 Back at Heartside Ministry & Art Gallery, the group divided their time between a work project,
 and making art in the studio.
Here they are with their art. It was a great day at Heartside!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

This Week at Heartside - 7/19/13

Along with the high humidity, heat, and short tempers, creativity is
also flowing in the Heartside Art Gallery and Studio. 
Tony rocks it out with a tie-skirt,
has a new tree series,
 and creates very cool sculptures from found parts. This is from a cadillac.
  LeGran continues his always intricate work.
 Magic moves from writing to try his hand at painting.
 Gil and Kimani hard at work.
 Jane scouring magazines for inspiration.
 Writer Sean making art today.
 Crystal sketching some future intricate work.
 Fine artist, Tom, hiding behind his work.
 Denis with a newly created horror work.
Chris & Tammy doing their thing.
 Mike with his beautiful commissioned work for Guiding Light Mission.
 New 3-D work by Gil.
The week was topped off by Sandy getting her driver's license after many years
without. We also had a Magic Revolution and a long overdue visit by Raya.
There's not a better place to be.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Market - Avenue of the Arts, Take 2 - 7/13/13

This was the second Avenue of the Arts event, again extending along Division Avenue from Fulton, south to Cherry. A new business or two represented, spaces in front of Vern Barry that Heartside artists usually stretched into were sold to others, but the Heartside artists also moved across the street, enduring morning sun but enjoying afternoon shade.

Here are some of our artists, the faces of creativity and originality: 
 Pottery Volunteer, Carissa, jaywalking to assist Bertha :-)

 Avenue of the Arts - 6/8/13