Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Two Openings at Heartside Ministry! Hiring for Art Coordinator Position and Accountant Position!

Art Coordinator (Full Time 35-­40 hours)

Heartside Ministry is seeking to hire an innovative and creative Art Coordinator who  enjoys working in a fast paced environment. We are looking for a highly conceptual,
detail ­orientated, self ­starter who possesses a passion for coordinating service delivery  for vulnerable populations. This role would suit a candidate who is well organized, has  the ability to think outside of the box, and would enjoy being the ‘go to’ person for the  Art Studio team.

Primary Responsibilities:
Art Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating all activities related to the art  department including securing art supplies, scheduling classes, art studio promotion,  organizing artist portfolios, shows, and other sales events for online and in­-house  platforms; coordinating with outside galleries and other responsibilities associated with  outside shows.

Responsibilities:  Create an open and affirming environment that promotes trust and welcomes Neighbors  to participate in the art program   Conduct monthly team meetings, review monthly reports from art’s staff to capture  financial stats, and measure outcomes   Ensure a safe work space and enforce safety rules in all areas of the art department  Maintain a clean and attractive art gallery including framing and hanging art, changing  window displays, organizing donations  Manage the artists’ contracts and sales including keeping accurate records of sales and  payments to the artists according to policy
Keeping up ­to­ date on current media avenues; building and maintaining Instagram account;  managing online sales; shipping  Work with the volunteer coordinator to recruit volunteers with art and/or social work  experience and ensure that they receive proper orientation to the Ministry and training in  the art program 
Collaboration with other agencies in matters related to art
Seek in-­kind and monetary donations for the art program with approval of Fund  Development team
Provide creative impetus for arts programming and workshops  Assist with marketing, promotion, publicity, etc. in conjunction with CEO and COO

B.A. in Art related discipline or proven relatable experience Excellent communications skills both oral and written
Strong managerial skills Experience in teaching art and art appreciation in adult educational and shelter systems Compatible with philosophy and mission of Heartside Ministry Ability to work independently and as part of the Ministry team Sensitivity to diverse cultural and ethnic traditions
Ability to maintain confidentiality Compensation based on experience. To apply, please send cover letter and resume to 

Accountant (Part Time 10-15 hours per week)

We are looking to hire an experienced in-house accountant to manage all finance related tasks. We would like someone who has a passion for non-profit accounting and wants to dive in to the day to day operations while also maintaining confidentiality and professionalism in relation to working with other staff, management and the board. This is the perfect opportunity for someone to stay connected to an organization while maintaining a flexible schedule.

Primary responsibilities:
The accountant will be responsible for entering all bills, processing bill payments and entering profit detail. The accountant also manages payroll information and reports hours worked to an outside payroll service. This position requires the ability to manage cash flow and track expenses by program within the organization. Experience working with Quick Books accounting software is essential. The accountant reports to both CEO and COO, as well as works closely with the board treasurer.

Other responsibilities:
Prepare month end financial statements, including a monthly balance sheet and profit and loss report by class.
Prepare journal entries, account reconciliations and track fixed asset changes during the year.
Gather necessary payroll information for outside payroll services and enter in bi-weekly payroll.
Maintain personnel files and PTO records.
Ability to track 1099 MISC payments and ensure all necessary vendor information is obtained at time of payment.
Reconcile deposits and pledges outstanding between accounting records and development software.
Assist with monitoring cash flow and processing transfers as necessary between various accounts.
Be self-motivated but also willing to help where necessary with organization and data entry.

Quick Books Online experience required.
Minimum 2 years of accounting experience, preferably in the nonprofit industry.
Ability to utilize Microsoft Excel, Word and Google Gmail.
Strong communication skills and willingness to work in a team environment.
Compensation based on experience. To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to

Monday, March 7, 2016

“Laughter Lightens Hearts” ~ 3/7/16

When Tequila Stewart and Laymond Anderson first arrived in Grand Rapids from Benton Harbor with their four children six years ago, the first person they met was John McGill, a regular at Heartside Ministry.

"He became like an uncle to us," Tequila said. "He was such a good person, especially his laughter."

Today, if you hear laughter in the Community Room at Heartside Ministry, there's a good chance Tequila is at the center of it. Most days, Tequila or Laymond spend their time volunteering at the Hospitality desk or the welcome table.

"I like how y'all look out for people," Tequila said. "I'm a people person and I love being here."

Tequila started volunteering before Laymond, who is quieter. But before long, their love of their community drew them both in each morning. During their own tough times, Heartside helped them find permanent housing. 

"We just want to show a little love and appreciation back, helping people when they need help," said Laymond. Some days that means disarming a riled neighbor with humor, directing someone to our advocacy office for "help getting meds when you don't have a penny," or finding creative ways to communicate with a person who can't speak.

"Without Heartside Ministry, I don't know what Division would be like down here," said Laymond, who especially appreciates our GED program. "Everyone is nice and respectful and will help you out any way they can."

Even when people get an attitude about not getting any mail that day - even though it hasn't been delivered to Heartside yet. "One of us has got to be the better man," Laymond said.

"He's more lenient than me," Tequila said with her easy laugh, "because I'd be snappin' at them."

That's part of what has made them such a great pair for 27 years. They hope to get married at Heartside someday. They only wish John McGill could be here to celebrate with them. He passed away last fall.

Instead, Laymond and Tequila live content knowing they are passing on John's legacy of welcoming people who are new to Heartside, making them feel at home, pointing them in the right direction, and brightening their day with a good laugh.