Monday, November 25, 2013

Heartside Wishlist - 11/25/13

With winter now here, we have daily requests for hats, gloves, coats, socks, boots, and scarves. People sleeping on the street and in missions also have a need for backpacks to store the few things they own. Pick-up service is available, and thank you for your generosity!
Art Studio
Art/Nature books and magazines
Canvas (new and used, stretched or rolled)
Card Envelopes
Cleaning Sponges
Clipboards, wooden
Copy and construction paper
Drawing paper and pencils
Dry Erasers
Dremel bits
Dry-mount press
Easels (table or floor)
Electric drill/screwdriver
Finished plywood
Folding tables, 6' plastic
Frames and mats, with or without glass
Framing wire and nails
Glitter and Glue, all kinds
Hair spray (or workable fixative)
Hot glue guns and sticks
Jazz, classical, and oldies CDs
Latex house paint, primary colors, black, white (no oil paint)
Markers and Sharpies, all colors
Mat board and foam core, any color
Modge Podge and white glues
National Geographic magazines
Notebooks, lined
Paint brushes and paint markers, any size
Pastels, oil and soft
Printer paper
Sandpaper, assorted grit
Scrap wood, not laminated (2-6')
Sketch books
Small screws
Sponge brushes
Spray paint, all colors (also clear)
Tri-pod, professional (e.g., bogen) 
Wall-mounted glass cutter
Watercolor sets
Wood carving tools
Wood glue
Wood for painting (anything over 6"), wood glue
Fiber Arts Room
Crochet hooks and sewing needles
Sewing machine needles
Thread, yarn
Pottery Studio
Pottery glaze (food safe, any colors)
Clay, low fire (or dry, we can re-use)

Computer Lab
Flash Drives
General Supplies
Cleaning products (bathrooms, counters, floors, windows)
Copy paper (one ream/month)
Hand soap
Paper towels (2 cases/month [4000 multi-fold towels])
Toilet paper (40 rolls/month)
Hospitality Supplies
Business size envelopes
Bus tickets, Grand Rapids (or quarters for same - 1 ticket=$1.50)
Cell phone chargers
Ceramic or Glass coffee mugs
Coffee (eight 48 oz containers/month)
Creamer (thirty-two 16 oz cylinders/month)
Drinking glasses
First Aid Items (band-aids, gauze, safety pins, soap)
Plastic bags, small with handles
Rain Ponchos
Recycled/recyclable paper coffee cups
Small-size toiletries:
            deodorant, lotion, razors, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes
Sugar (60 lbs/month)
Women’s personal hygiene products

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities
Art Studio
Building maintenance (light carpentry, electrical, painting, plumbing) monthly or on-call
Computer Lab
Fiber Arts Room
Front Desk
GED/Adult Education
Pottery Studio
Winter Gear - Men’s & Women’s
Boots, coats, gloves, hats, long underwear, scarves, socks, sweaters, sweat shirts

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Day in the Life of Heartside - 11/8/13

Happy Birthday to our amazing Art Coordinator, Sarah Scott!
 Congrats to three GED students who just passed pre-tests.
 Thanks to Meijers Corporation for their painting volunteers and
to Mike Katerberg for coordinating the effort.

And thanks to John Gruizenga, Custom Components Corporation, and James Plantenga, we have a new framing table. James designed it, Custom Components cut the parts, & John built and assembled the table.
We are truly grateful for all of the talents, skills, and gifts brought our way everyday by neighbors, staff, and supporters!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Art of the Heart Gala - 10/30/13

We were humbled and grateful for your support of our annual Gala, The Art of the Heart! Joining friends new and old is one of life's joys, all the more so when sharing a wonderful dinner and supporting a great cause.
Heartside Champion Betty Zylstra was moved beyond words by the honor your presence bestowed upon her. The evening was a fitting tribute to her life's work.
The outpouring of love and support from each of you was palpable as together we celebrated 30 years of working side by side to improve the lives of the most impoverished and fragile among us. We hope you caught a glimpse of the difference you've made to our neighbors as they shared their stories of trauma transformed into hope. We are so blessed each day by these incredible, inspiring neighbors - and they in turn are blessed by your generous support.
We're excited to report that 300 people gathered that evening and together raised more than $65,000 for the work of sharing faith, hope, and life amidst the poverty and homelessness of the Heartside neighborhood.
Thank you for your expression of support for the many neighbors who are still working toward the transformation that Deb, Mike, Shelley, and Fuzzy Jane have found through Heartside Ministry. Your gifts continue to provide life-saving hope and healing for those touched by trauma and poverty. There's much work yet to do, and we do it only with your support. Thank you! 
Rev. Andy DeBraber
(Photos by by Helen Van Essendelft)