Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014, and to being a Good Friend & Neighbor!

The day began with a visit from a few members of The Community who brought with them 156 top-notch sack lunches and cases of bottled water to distribute to our neighbors, both here at Heartside and throughout the Heartside neighborhood. The lunches were a huge hit as were the extra bananas!
After our wonderful GED Coordinator and official tour guide, Jamie, took the group through our building and explained the programs Heartside offers,

Jamie and Keyth, one of our stellar volunteers known as the Deacon of Heartside, took us on a neighborhood tour that included some of the other non-profit institutions in the area, Degage Ministries and Guiding Light Mission. We stopped for a few photos at Guiding Light in front of the mural that Jamie painted for the Mission.
We skipped visiting Mel Trotter and instead headed back to the Art Studio so members of the group could create some art with Heartside artists. Billy, Pastor at The Community, took that time to interview some people, interviews that will end up sometime soon in a video we will share.

Then they had to head home but left having met new people, having had some good conversations, and knowing they had filled many grateful bellies. And then, this happened :-(
Welcome to winter! But the Halloween and Community Room fun continued.
Staff goofing with staff.
Cheers to good friends and neighbors, and to being both!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

R.I.P. Charla Burkett ~ 6/13/65 - 10/23/14

We lost a dear sister and friend last week and are sharing some photos taken in the Heartside Neighborhood. She was larger than life and always an awesome presence. We can't believe you're gone and will always miss you!
Chaka performing Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" at the Heartside Talent Show. Rock on sweet sister!

Monday, October 27, 2014

My Therapy Buddies

Tagging along on a business trip to Toronto with my husband, Roy, I had the pleasure of being treated to dinner at the CN tower by Randy & Marlon Paisley (Randy not pictured).
After a delightful dinner with an awesome ever-changing view, we took a short driving tour of Toronto and the conversation led to homelessness and where I worked. Next thing I knew Roy was sent home the next day with a box full of therapy buddies. The buddies were a resounding hit!
After posting the pics on facebook, I was continually hit up for a request for a therapy buddy. And after thanking Randy for his generous donation, he asked if we could use more. Yes, whatever you are willing to send, we can use because it was a buddy frenzy:-) And today two cases arrived. I got some to the people who specifically asked for one and the rest were gone in an hour.
And one more photo was sent to me today by a mother who took one home for her daughter. "She brought him to school and shared him with the class."
Sqeeze the tummy and hear the buddy talk: "Hear my voice. Everything is going to be all right." Richard Kopelle is the inventor, and Randy Paisley is the generous donor. Cheers to giving a happy moment to so many people!