Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Heartside Exudes Ingenuity and Creativity ~ 3/12/14

What to do when the trash removal shopping cart breaks? This.
Tony is always working, caught this sweet baby sleeping, Katalina with her photo, Leslie continuing her fabulous wood-working, and another cute baby alert.
Melinda has a birthday, Magic with one of Bertha's puppies, Guillermo with a puppy (in the U.S. since he was 13 and now under threat of deportation, but that's another story), Te with new handiwork, Gil approved, and Jeffrey wins a competition with this design.
Beverly gives Officer Amanda a going-away present, Rob is back from Detroit and creating beautiful work, cool woodworking by Wil, and very dear friends, Katalina & Bertha.
People want their pictures taken, and happily we can step outside to do so.
Artists here have intense focus year round, but when we see Walter playing his sax on Monroe Center we know spring is just around the corner.