Friday, August 22, 2014

Life goes on wonderfully and beautifully at Heartside

Tammy stopped in with a gift for Sarah's daughters ~ 
And Fuzzy Jane dropped off a party gift and an arm hulu-hoop that Bertha ably demonstrated.
Lethea wanted a picture taken.
And this beautiful art was sketched while in jail, on jail stationary by artist, Jose.
Bertha's hands are always busy and creative.
Elijah poses with his picture from a few years ago, and then with his Aunt Jamie.
We met again walking down Monroe Center.
Bruce wanted a new picture to send to his sister.
Bertha and her grand-daughter, Windy, and Bertha's daughter Lupe with her daughter Windy.
We finally got to greet Kaka's twins!
We said a temporary goodbye to awesome art intern, Jackie, and to amazing volunteer, Alison.
And then we had to say a more permanent goodby to two of our artists/neighbors. This world and our neighborhood is a lesser place without them, and we were honored to call them our friends. Rest in Peace.
Michael "Smooth" Evans
Anthony Welch