Sunday, May 17, 2015

Heartside at Arts in Ada! ~ 5/16/15

Generously sponsored by The Community, Heartside Art Gallery & Studio had a booth at this annual festival for the first time. Set-up endured a bit of a snafu but the ingenious and clever Alysha Lach got it done.
The crowd was a bit light at first, probably due to the iffy weather.
About 25 Heartside artists had their work well represented!
Along with the rotating musical groups, Ada Dance Academy always shows up with many tiny dancers in tutus and heavy makeup (one little guy doesn't belong in this photo :-) ).
Here are our first customers, both of whom picked out Heartside designed pins.
Our next customer had to check with Grandma about purchasing the Owl. She got her way.
The owls were popular!
But purses ruled the day ~ many were admired and some were purchased but everyone appreciated the creativity and use of up-cycled materials.
Many visitors finished their visit by walking down to the historic Ada covered bridge, which actually has no original parts and is a complete replica, but it's picturesque nonetheless :-).
Our booth was inspirational but by 3:45, the customers were gone and the other booths were packing up.
We were happy to introduce Heartside to those who did not know who we were and were especially happy to meet people who remembered us from ArtPrize! The Heartside space was efficiently packed up and is ready for the next show!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Community Opens Its Heart to Art at Heartside Art Studio ~ 5/9/2015

The Community, a church located in Ada, is a mission partner with Heartside Ministry and this Saturday morning organized an art project at the studio to help cover some of the bare walls of its church building and to build relationships with artists of the Heartside neighborhood.  Here is the studio waiting for the arrivals.
After introductions among Heartside artists and Community members, we started with a sketching exercise to inspire ideas. Lots of contemplation took place.
And some goofing around :-)
Finally the canvasses were unwrapped and palettes of color were everywhere!
Slowly artwork began to take shape as people became bolder and more confident, all the while being inspired, advised, and encouraged by Heartside artists, and all of that color!
The theme for the art project and for The Community is Micah 6:8 ~ "Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God."
Our two hour time slot was coming to an end and all artists stepped up to complete their work and helped everyone else to do the same.
The Community generously donated the leftover art supplies to the studio.
Most of the finished work was left to dry over the weekend at the studio and will resurface at some point in the church building.
With donuts, coffee, art, and inspired creativity, what more could one ask for than for more time? The two hours flew by but no one left unhappy (even one or two who felt stretched beyond their artistic abilities but were bribed to attend with the promise of a pontoon boat ride complete with wine, but that's a whole other story). So cheers to new experiences, new artwork, and new and renewed relationships!
7/28/15 postscript:
The art was beautifully arranged and hung by Alysha Lach in the sanctuary and foyer of The Community where it will continue to inspire all who view it.
(Sanctuary Photo by Mara Norden)