Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jane gives the Studio Bathroom a Superhero Makeover!

The bathroom's decor was old and tired and there was no one better than Jane to give it a superhero makeover! In a little less than a month she completed her work, which culminated in a grand opening on May 29, 2015. Here's a timeline snapshot: 

5/8 ~ the old becoming the new

5/11 ~ the work continues
5/13 ~ more progress & more heroes
5/18 ~
5/27 ~ two days until the grand opening
In addition to the bathroom, the back door to the alley was also redesigned by Jane and here is the progression.
5/29 ~ finally it was Grand Opening Day! Jane patiently waited outside while the ribbons were being setup.
Ready for her entrance and the ribbon cutting!
The backdoor required another ceremony complete with a visitor from Vault of Midnight.
Here are a few final photos of the bathroom, complete with added cityscape. Jane felt like Michelangelo during this creation so cheers to all of our superheroes with Jane topping the list!!