Monday, November 30, 2015

The Community Youth Group Visits Heartside! ~ 11/25/15

Plans were made weeks in advance with children and adults of all ages at The Community to decorate the bags that would hold the lunches to be delivered throughout the neighborhood.
Initial bag decorating by children in Sunday school was supplemented by adults in attendance at The Community's Thanksgiving dinner on 11/22. Lunch assembly took place as well with attendees packing the bags with non-perishable goods: bottled water, banana, chips, and a rice krispie treat. Everyone also wrote out a best wish or prayer to be included in the bag, and on the whole people pretty happily complied with the tasks.
The following Tuesday, an intrepid group of a dozen or so volunteers assembled 300+ turkey and cheese sandwiches, two per bag, in about an hour. The lunches were complete and arrived with the youth group Wednesday morning at Heartside!
Before they were distributed, our GED Coordinator, Jamie, shared her personal story with the group and enlisted volunteer, Will, to do the same (on very short notice, btw :-) Thanks Will!
Jamie then took the group throughout the Ministry to explain the programs and services offered here. Hospitality (coffee, bathrooms, mail service, community), Advocacy (prescription co-pays, resource connection), GED (tutoring and testing), Computer Lab access, and the Art Programs.
Emmanuel and Clara were happy to explain the art programs further.
And we visited Mike down in the woodshop.
We then moved out into the neighborhood to see how our neighbors live and to understand the other resources available to them. We visited Degage Ministries, Guiding Light Mission, and Mel Trotter, and heard from neighbors at every stop. Good conversations were had along the way.
It was time to head back to hand out lunches.
The left over lunches were gone in an hour, and our thanks goes out to this group and the entire Community for their generosity, care, and interest in the lives of Heartside neighbors!